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City of Memphis

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Request for NeoGov HR Access​

Users will reference this Cover Sheet when completing the Request for NeoGov Access. This Cover Sheet is designed to provide users with basic instructions when completing this document.


This form is used when requesting NeoGov HR Access.


The User of this form should complete and verify the following information listed in this form. Mandatory sections are identified by an (*):
Section 1 (Type of User)
First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Position/Working Title
Service Center
Work Address
City/State/Zip Code
Daytime Telephone
E-mail Address

The User of this form will identify the Service Center the User will need access to.
The User of this form will select the requested level of NeoGov HR Access by clicking the appropriate box (es) from the following NeoGov Access Roles. (Note: Users may be assigned more than one User role).

Levels of Access
  • Division HR Originator: Designates the user as one who can create requisitions (Request to Fill Vacancy Form) but cannot view any other user's requisitions.
  • HR Liaison: Can create requisitions, view requisitions created by other users within the division, view/take action on Referral lists, and manage department user accounts with the Division to which they have access.
  • Hiring Manager: Designates the user as one who can view referred applicants from an eligible list and take action to interview, hire or reject an applicant.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME): A user in a hiring department who has specialized knowledge that enables them to evaluate applicants in a particular field of expertise. Applications can be assigned to a SME for review and scoring during the evaluation steps of an exam plan, prior to placing applicants on an eligible list. SMEs review applications in the Online Hiring Center (OHC).
  • Approver: Designates the user as one who can approve or deny requisitions or hire actions that have been routed to him/her for approval.
  • Insight HR User (for HR Division use only): Designates user that assist with the maintenance of NEOGov Insight System. Please circle one of the following user levels: 1. Comp. 2. R & S Hiring 3. R & S Spec 4. R & S Testing.
  • Insight User (for HR Division use only): Designates user with the first level basic core responsibility that allows users to function as a system administrator with limitation to create security and system access.
  • System Administrator (SysAdm) (for HR Division use only): Designates users as system functional expert with full access to include security and system access.

Submittal of Form:

​Division Liaison
  • Division Liaison will access form using URL -
  • Division Liaison will enter information
  • A pop-up will appear for Division Liaison to enter name and email of approver (normally the Division Director)
  • Seamless Doc will send automatic email ‘You signed this Document’
  • Automatic email will route to Division Director

Division Director
  • Division Director will receive email from Seamless Doc ‘Your signature is requested’
  • Division Director will review form
  • Pop-up screen will appear to enter signature
  • Seamless Doc will send automatic email ‘You signed this Document’
  • Seamless Doc will send automatic email ‘Document is complete’
  • Automatic email will automatically route to Compensation team mailbox ( and HRIS ( to review and process


By checking the acknowledgement box above you are certifying that you are employed by the City of Memphis and authorized to serve in the positions of Director, Deputy Director, Supervisor or HR Liaison and designated to assign the employee listed above to the NEOGov Insight/OHC responsibility selected.
Please check that you agree before continuing.
By continuing I agree that I am willing to complete a digital version of the document(s) and that information about my user session will be stored.
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