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Total Rewards request that you complete and submit the Seamless Doc form online and route to the appropriate Division Liaison for approval. Total Rewards will confirm receipt of the request with the Division Liaison. After final approval, Compensation with notify payroll.
Total Rewards is requesting that the Division Liaison submit a seamless doc form for approval to pay military payments for the assigned employee.
The approval of the request is based solely on the attached documentation that the employee will provide to Human Resources.
The division will submit this request for the Total Rewards as necessary using the following procedures.
1. To request a military payment complete and submit the seamless doc form on line with the appropriate military paperwork and attach to the seamless doc form.
2. Total Rewards will receive the notification within two (2) business days of the seamless doc submission.
3. The division liaison will receive a notification from Total Rewards via email.
4. Upon receipt of this document Total Rewards will process the information for payment within the timeframe of the following months’ payment process.
The above Military Pay Seamless Doc form can be accessed using the following URL:
*Note: A detailed justification on the reason(s) for the request is required.
a) Payment will be assigned and completed upon request for the next pay time.
b) The Division Liaison will receive a notification of receipt from Total Rewards within 2 business days of the Seamless Doc submission.
c) Total Rewards will notify designee on the status of the request – whether the project is completed or additional is needed – no later than 7 business days after the request if reviewed.
*Note: After a compensation request is implemented in the system and approved by the Division Director, another request for the same position or employee cannot be submitted for at least 6 months after Compensation’s final decision memorandum
It is incumbent upon the employee requesting military leave to inform their immediate supervisor of the anticipated date(s) of military leave and to present competent orders immediately upon receipt of same, unless giving such notice is precluded by military necessity or is otherwise impossible or not reasonably practicable. It is incumbent upon the employee’s Division Director or designee upon receipt of the employee’s competent orders to immediately present the orders to the designee in the benefits office (Deborah Hall), or her manager (William Byrd) via the seamless document systems. The pertinent documents and necessary notations for placement will be placed in the employee’s personnel military file in the Total Rewards office.
Any further information can be obtained in the City of Memphis Policy and Procedures under PM-66-03.
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By continuing I agree that I am willing to complete a digital version of the document(s) and that information about my user session will be stored.
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