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The purpose of this procedure is to develop a formal process to submit requests for element entry changes (shift payment, hazard payment, and acting payment), reinstatements, employee status update, as well as possible salary changes. Divisions will submit a Change Authorization request form to Compensation staff as necessary using the following procedure.


To request a Change Authorization Request Form, complete and submit the Seamless Doc form online with the applicable sections completed and route it to the appropriate Division Director or designee for approval. Upon the Division’s approval, Compensation will receive a notification email regarding the submission. Compensation will approve or deny the form based upon the information that is provided. Please make sure you place all applicable information on the request or attach the appropriate documentation with the request. After Compensation approval, HR Solutions/Data Management and Payroll will receive confirmation of the approval. If the form is denied the division liaison will be notified via email.
*Note: Your request will not be completed unless each required section is entered and the appropriate documentation is attached or specified in the comment section.


The Change Authorization Seamless Doc form can be accessed using the following URL:


Please access the Payroll Schedule by clicking link - CMEM Payroll Schedule

“Forms Cut-Off “– deadline to submit HR forms and Manager Self-Service transactions. Please keep in mind that you should be submitting forms/transactions for the following pay period, not the current pay period.

Ex. Forms/transactions for PP#26 would have been submitted on 12/08/20, and forms for PP#1, 2021 should be submitted on 12/17/2020.

Payroll Cut-Off” – deadline for HR to submit forms to the Payroll Department.
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