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The purpose of this procedure is to develop a formal process for Job Evaluation Requests and Job Review Requests. A Job Evaluation/Job Review is a process which determines the relative value of a job classification in terms of pay grade. This process also determines the FLSA exemption status of the position and a possible salary adjustment for current incumbent(s) in the job. A Job Evaluation/Job Review is conducted based solely on the job position and not the employee, qualifications, seniority, or performance. Divisions will submit a request form to Compensation staff as necessary using the following procedure.

To request a Job Evaluation/Job Review, complete and submit the Seamless Doc form online with the appropriate position questionnaire attached and route it to the appropriate division director for approval. Upon the Division Director’s approval, Compensation will receive a notification email regarding the submission. Compensation will confirm receipt of the request with the Division Director with an estimated project start date. After final approval, Compensation will notify the Division Director of the final decision.

I. PRE-REQUISITE A Position Questionnaire must be downloaded and completed. Please upload and attach to the completed position questionnaire to the Job Evaluation/Job Review Seamless Doc upon submission. The position questionnaire form can be accessed using the following link:

*Note: Your request will not be completed unless the position questionnaire is attached.

II. FORM The Job Evaluation/Job Review Seamless Doc form can be accessed using the following URL:

*Note: A detailed justification on the reason(s) for the request and a position questionnaire attachment is required.

III. PROCESS/GUIDELINES a) Reviews are assigned project start dates and completed on a first come, first serve basis.
b) The Division Director will receive a notification of receipt from Compensation within 2 business days of the Seamless Doc submission.
c) From the assigned project start date, completion typically takes at most 20-25 business days.
d) Compensation will notify the division, Division Director, or appropriate designee on the current status of the request – whether the project is completed or additional information is needed – no later than 25 business days after the project has started.
*Note: After a Compensation request is implemented in the system and approved by the Division Director, another request for the same position or employee cannot be submitted for at least 6 months after Compensation’s final decision memorandum.

IV. APPEALS If a Division Director disagrees with Compensation’s finding, he or she may submit an appeal to the Chief of Human Resources Officer in writing within 30 business days of Compensation’s final decision memorandum using the Seamless Doc procedure outlined above. a) Using the Seamless Doc form in Section I, the word “APPEAL” must be included in the Justification section in addition to detailed information. b) Once a Seamless Doc is submitted and routed to the Chief Human Resources Officer, the appeal request will begin the review process according to the guidelines listed in Section II.
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